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2016 Registration



All waitlists for Blastball, Teeball and Baseball (all divisions) are now closed.  Our rosters are full to capacity!

We are accepting female players born 2003-2005 for our Major Softball Team - we are particularily interested in players with pitching experience.

We are also accepting applications from females born 1999 - 2001 for our Senior Team - only a few spots left.

Big League Softball - females born 1997 - 2000                                                                                                        


Our mailing address is;

Layritz Little League
ATTN: Player Agent
Box 24008
4420 West Saanich Rd.
Victoria BC V8Z 7E7


All BLASTBALL, TEEBALL & BASEBALL Divisions are now FULL and we will not be accepting any new applications to the waitlist.


We may have room for a few players in the following Divisions, players will be waitlisted until rosters can be reviewed by Director:

Minor Softball (girls born 2005 - 2007)

Major Softball (girls born 2003 - 2005)

We are currently accepting registrations for our Junior/Senior/Big League Division (girls born 1997-2001)

If you would like to be added to the waitlist or register for the upper division please send an email to registrar@layritz.ca and include the name and birthdate of all players you are wanting waitlisted or registered as well as an email contact and phone number.


Waitlists will be reviewed by Coaches and Directors once the current rosters are finalized.  You will be contacted directly if we are able to offer your player a spot on a team and arrangements will be made at that time to complete registration.


NEW this Year - ALL players must complete our new Player Form.

List of Fees and Birthdate range for each division can be found at the bottom of the page.

Blastball registration can be paid with either cash or cheque.

Teeball and Mini-Minor will require 2 payments - at least 1 cheque per player;
1. a registration fee PLUS fundraising fee - cash or cheque. Fundraising is either a payment of $40 OR buy a box of Chocolates for $60 and you can sell them to recoup your entire $60
2. a post dated cheque (April 1, 2016) in the amount of $100 for Volunteer Deposit - must be a cheque.

All other Divisions, Baseball and Softball will require 3 payments - at least 2 separate cheques per player;
1. a registration fee PLUS fundraising fee - cash or cheque. Fundraising is either a payment of $40 OR buy a box of Chocolates for $60 and you can sell them to recoup your entire $60
2. a post dated cheque (April 1, 2016) in the amount of $100 for Volunteer Deposit - must be a cheque.
3. a post dated cheque (July 1, 2016) in the amount of $75 for Uniform Deposit - must be a cheque.


 Please review our Registration, Refund and Payment Policy for important changes and dates

**Important if you are registering more than 1 player you can combine their registration and fundraising fees only.  Each player must have their own volunteer and uniform deposit where applicable. Please ensure that your child's name is clearly noted in the memo line of EVERY cheque.

Any registrations received after January 31, 2016 will be waitlisted.  Please review our full Registration, Refund and Payment policy for important information.

please email  Player Agent for more information

Blastball 3-4 year olds (born Sep 2011 - Aug 2013)                                      Minor Softball 8-10 (born 2005 - 2007)

TeeBall 5-6 year olds (born Sep 2009 - Aug 2011)                                       Major Softball 10-12 (born 2003 - 2005)

NEW Mini-Minor Baseball 6-7 year olds (born Sep 2008 - Aug 2010)                Junior Softball 13-14 (born 2001 - 2002)

NEW Rookie-Minor Baseball 7-8 year olds (born Sep 2007 - Aug 2009)             Senior Softball 13 - 16 (born 1999 - 2002)

NEW *players can participate in Rookie Minor for 1 year only.                      Big League Softball 14-18 (born 1997 - 2001)

Minor Baseball 8-11 year olds (born May 2004 - Aug 2008)                            NEW * placement on a Senior or Bigleague SB team by assessment only          

Major Baseball 10-12 (born Sep 2005 - Apr 2004)                                           depending on registration numbers Junior players may play in a combined 

*placement on a Major or Minor BB team by assessment only.                        Junior/Senior program.


To be eligible to play at Layritz Little League you must either,

  1. Live in our catchment - a map of our current catchment can be found here;
  2. Or, attend a school that is located within our catchment.  If you are registering based on school please make sure to have a copy of the school form signed by the school principal or vice principal and bring to registration. (If you live in our catchment you do not have to complete the school form).

Schools in our catchment:

Cordova Bay Elementary                  Eagle View Elementary

Millstream Elementary                      Northridge Elementary

Prospect Lake Elementary                Strawberry Vale Elementary

Glanford Middle School                     Royal Oak Middle School

Claremont Secondary School            Lakewood Elementary


**If you lived or attended a school in our catchment last year and have now moved to a residence or school outside of our catchment you MUST complete Form II(d) & II(a) and include supporting documents to continue playing at Layritz Little League - this form can be submitted to the President or Player Agent at registration and it will then be taken to the District to request approval and signatures.  If you have any questions regarding this form please contact the playeragent@layritz.ca.


**Softball ONLY - softball players from the catchments of Central Saanich, Lakehill and Layritz are eligible to play at Layritz Little League.  We welcome players who also play on a Softball BC team.



See the table below for the current year's fee structure. 

An additional separate post dated cheque will be required at registration for a uniform deposit for all divisions with the exception of Blast Ball, Tee Ball, and Mini Minor Baseball.

Be part of our family of volunteers!

Layritz Little League is a volunteer run organization.  We encourage you to be part of our community of volunteers in areas such as coaching, cooking, assisting in the concession, grounds maintenance/work crews, umpiring, or general tasks.  Signup sheets will be there at registration.

Baseball/Softball Assessments 

Assessments are required for proper team balance in the upper divisions of both baseball and softball.  
See the Assessments schedule for more information.

 2016 Season Player Registration Costs Breakdown

Blast Ball 3-4 

$45 no fundraiser fee; no volunteer deposit

Tee Ball 5-6 

$80 plus option; $100 volunteer deposit

Mini Minors 6-7 

$100 plus option; $100 volunteerdeposit

Rookie Minors 7-8 

$130 plus option; $75 uniform deposit + $100 volunteer deposit

Minor Baseball 8-11 

$130 plus option; $75 uniform deposit + $100 volunteer deposit

Major Baseball 10-12 

$130 plus option; $75 uniform deposit + $100 volunteer deposit

Minor Softball 8-10 

$130 plus option; $75 uniform deposit + $100 volunteer deposit

Major Softball 10-12 

$130 plus option; $75 uniform deposit + $100 volunteer deposit

 Junior Softball 13-14

Senior Softball 13-16

Big League SB 14-18 

$130 plus option; $75 uniform deposit + $100 volunteer deposit

Option 1: Add $40 fundraising fee
Option 2: Box of (30) chocolates for $60 @ $2ea (quantities limited)

*Please post-date Uniform deposit cheques for July 1, 2016.
*Please post-date Volunteer deposit cheques for April 1, 2016.
*All cheques payable to Layritz Little League
*Please note child's name on MEMO line of ALL cheques.

Three or more players from the same family, not including blast ball, receive a $40 discount.

NOTE: Girls aged 8-14 from Layritz AND Central Saanich AND Lakehill catchment area will register for Softball Only with Layritz Little League.  City wide Senior and Big League Softball players can register at Layritz (or park of choice that offers Senior and/or BL softball program).

Batting Helmets available for only $23

ONLY CASH OR CHEQUES ACCEPTED (made out to "Layritz Little League")
(separate cheques for fees, uniform deposit, and volunteer deposit)
Having cheques filled out ahead of time definitely speeds up the registration process and is greatly appreciated!

at the time of registration.