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Rules 2010

Rule Changes in 2010

(Note: Unless noted otherwise, these changes apply to all divisions)
Regulation I (c) 8 - Note 1: Added a sentence stating that if a league elects to operate a Tee Ball baseball program only, it must use the league age determination date that is noted in the regulation.  (Baseball only.)
Regulation IV (a) - Junior League: Added language making it clear that when a 12-year-old player is found to be ineligible under this regulation, that player and/or his/her team are subject to removal from the International Tournament by action of the Tournament Committee.
Regulation VI - Note 4: Added language making it clear that a resumed game or contest decided by forfeit does not constitute a "game" for the purpose of this regulation, unless one completed inning was played before the game ended or the game was forfeited.
Regulation XIV (e): Added language making it clear that alcohol is prohibited at the game site.
Rule 1.10: Added language making it clear that any bat that has been altered must be removed from play.
Rule 1.11 (h): Added language making it acceptable for Junior, Senior and Big League players to wear metal spikes or cleats. (Added for softball only. This rule already applies to these divisions in baseball.)

Rule 1.11 (k): Added language making it clear that casts may not be worn by players and umpires during the game, and that persons wearing casts, including managers and coaches, must remain in the dugout during the game.
Rule 1.14: Standardized the limits on the size of fielders' gloves.
Rule 2.00 Definition of Pitch: Added language making it clear that a balk or illegal pitch, whether or not a pitch is actually delivered to a batter, counts as a pitch in determining the pitch count for that pitcher. (Baseball only.)
Rule 3.03 - No. 6: Added language making it clear defensive substitutions must be made while the team is on defense, and offensive substitutions must be made at the time the offensive player has her/his turn at bat or is on base. (Also added to Rule 3.03 for Big League.)
Rule 5.07, Minor League: Added language providing that the five-run rule may be suspended in the last half inning for either team, by option of the local league.
Responsibility and Chain of Command: Added language making it clear that the Tournament Committee may impose penalties it deems appropriate, or may take action to correct a situation, regardless of the source of information.
Conditions of Tournament Play - Protests - C. Use of an ineligible player: Added language making it clear that any violation of Regulations may result in a team having an ineligible player.
Appendix A: Added Lightning Safety Guidelines.
Appendix D: Added Bat Modifications and Alterations Policy.
Various Regulations, Regular Season Rules, and Tournament Rules: The deadline for submitting forms that deal with Tournament Eligibility - i.e., regular season player roster forms, Regulation II (d) and Regulation IV (h) forms, waiver requests, chartering, fee payments, combined teams and interleague play forms, etc. - is June 8, 2010.
Adults and Minors in Positions of Authority: Changes were made to Rule 2.00, Rule 4.1, Rule 9.01, Rule 9.03, Rule 9.04, and the Tournament Rules and Guidelines, making it clear that Minors may serve as coach or umpire under specific and limited circumstances as noted in each rule. (Summary: A coach who is 16 or 17 may only serve as a coach if the adult manager and another adult coach are appointed. A person who is not an adult may serve in a game as an umpire, including as plate umpire, provided one or more other adults are also umpires for that game. However, that non-adult umpire cannot be designated as umpire-in-chief for that game. The umpire-in-chief is not required to be the plate umpire.)