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 Divisional Overview
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 Blast Ball (3-4)
 Tee Ball (5-6)
 Mini Minors (7-8)
 Rookie Minors (8-9)
 Minor Baseball (9-11)
 Major Baseball (10-12)
 Minor Softball (8-10)
 Major Softball (11-12)
 Junior Softball (13-14)
 Fall Baseball (10-12)



Layritz Baseball and Softball

Layritz Little League is pleased to offer both a baseball program and a girl's softball program. 
Baseball age is that of the player on April 30th (changes see /AgeCharts for updates) of the current season. Softball age is that of the player on Dec 31st of the previous year. Use the age chart links that will show what your player's ball age is. Still have questions?  For more info, or Divisional Director email contact, click on the various divison tabs to the left.

Congratulations to our 2013 League Divisional Winners and Playoff Winners!

Major Baseball Season Winner
Country Grocer

Major Softball Playoff Winner
Carfra & Lawton

Major Baseball Playoff Winner
Country Grocer

Minor Softball Playoff Winner
Progressive Waste Solutions

Minor Baseball Season Winner
United Enginneering


Minor Baseball Playoff Winner
Van Isle Water

Rookie Minor Playoff Winner
Red Barn