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 Divisional Overview
 Age Charts
 Blast Ball (3-4)
 Tee Ball (5-6)
 Mini Minors (7-8)
 Rookie Minors (8-9)
 Minor Baseball (9-11)
 Major Baseball (10-12)
 Minor Softball (8-10)
 Major Softball (11-12)
 Junior Softball (13-14)
 Fall Baseball (10-12)



Minor Softball (Ages 8-10)

Minor League Softball is a big transition from Mini Minors for most young players. It will be their first experience with peer to peer pitching, striking out more often, sitting on the bench while others play, and learning to play with players of different ages and skill levels. Minor League is a final transition to full-fledged Softball for most young players. Players who are 8 to 10 by Dec 31 of the previous year, may play in this division.


Contact the Minor Softball Director at or see the "About Us" tab.