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 Divisional Overview
 Age Charts
 Blast Ball (3-4)
 Tee Ball (5-6)
 Mini Minors (7-8)
 Rookie Minors (8-9)
 Minor Baseball (9-11)
 Major Baseball (10-12)
 Minor Softball (8-10)
 Major Softball (11-12)
 Junior Softball (13-14)
 Fall Baseball (10-12)



Junior Softball (Ages 13-14)

Junior Softball is open to all players who are 13 and 14 years of age.  14 year old players may play in the Senior Division (15, 16 yr) if registration numbers permit and it is seen by the Board as being in the best interests of the player and the program. The skill development continues at this age and the players become exposed to more of the strategy of the game, both offence and defence. This division is World Series eligible.


Contact the Jr. Softball Director at or see the "About Us" tab.