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 Divisional Overview
 Age Charts
 Blast Ball (3-4)
 Tee Ball (5-6)
 Mini Minors (7-8)
 Rookie Minors (8-9)
 Minor Baseball (9-11)
 Major Baseball (10-12)
 Minor Softball (8-10)
 Major Softball (11-12)
 Junior Softball (13-14)
 Fall Baseball (10-12)



Rookie Minors Baseball (Ages 8-9)

Rookie Minors primarily acts as a natural "next step" into Minor Baseball for graduating Mini Minors. This division will stress skills development, peer pitching and more "real game experience". Unlike Minors, where players pitch to each other from a full distance mound, a closer mound will be used in the training of aspiring pitchers.  Pitchers will throw to batters for 3 pitches. If a called strike cannot be made, the batting teams' coach will pitch. We believe this will give players an effective introduction to peer pitching while also giving the fielders a better chance to field hits.

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