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Layritz General Rules (All Divisions)

Player Divisions: The Layritz baseball and softball programs have been developed to provide a gradual transition in skill and playing intensity as children and young people move from entry level Tee Ball (ages 5 and 6), to Mini-Minors (ages 7 and 8), and then to Rookie Minor, Minor and Major League Baseball and Softball (to age 12). There is also Junior Softball (ages 13 and 14), Senior Softball (ages 15 and 16), and Big League Softball (ages 17 and 18).  Any child or young person is welcome to join the league at any stage (as previous organized ball playing experience is not a prerequisite).  Major and Senior League require evaluation and there is a draft process in place for player selection.

Player Requests: Requests for players to play with another player are taken for Minor divisions and younger.  Managers and coaches may have their children play on the team they coach. While we attemp to fill most player requests, Layritz reserves the right to create fair and balanced teams.

Rules: All baseball and softball play at Layritz Park is governed by the “Official Regulations and Playing Rules” of Little League Baseball and Softball.  Additional rules (aka: Park Rules) for each division are contained on this website.

Umpire in Charge: Managers, coaches, players and fans should clearly understand and accept that the umpire is in charge of the game. The umpire is most often a young player who is learning the trade and should be treated with respect by all concerned.  Adults involved in the game should be acutely aware of the inherent power differential between themselves and the young umpire and should therefore avoid pressuring the umpire to change a call to suit their point of view.

Practice Fields: Managers will be responsible for finding a practice location.  Some fields have been booked by Layritz and are available on a first come first serve basis. Teams may find other locations throughout the district. At least one practice a week is encouraged for all divisions (Tee Ball Practice is integrated into scheduled games).
Player Equipment: Team members must wear full and proper uniforms (shirts tucked in), and equipment for each game. Helmets must be worn with chin straps properly in place. Players must wear athletic supports. Players are not allowed to wear any jewelry, watches, rings, earings, etc. at games or practices.  If a medic alert braclet must be worn, it is to be taped.  No manager, coach, game official, or player is to wear shorts or open toed sandals during a game.

Game Start Times : are posted in the playing schedule for each league.  No inning will start after 2 hours and there will be a time limit of 2 1/2 hours.  This applies to both weekend and night games.  Games must start on time - no extra time will be awarded for a late start.

Home Team will occupy the third base dugout and will be responsible for the following:
a) clean own dugout and surrounding area
b) take down the gear from the diamond after last game
Visitors will occupy the first base dugout and will be responsible for the following:
a) clean own dugout and surrounding area
b) supply an adult base umpire.  If  there is no adult base umpire, a coach from the visiting team will umpire.
Both Teams will be responsible for:
        a)     pre-game preparation of the diamond,  i.e. drag rake base
                paths or sliding areas and pitcher’s mound.
        b)     using calcium liner to mark foul lines, string batter’s boxes
                and base coach’s box (as required)
        c)     placing and securing base pads, and returning these to the 
                equipment  room  after the last game.

Team Warm-Ups: It is the responsibility of the managers and coaches to have their teams on and off the field at the proper times for warm up and game start.  If not ready, the team will forefeit their warm-up time.  25 minutes before game time,  the Home Team will go to the dugout,  the visitors will occupy the field for 10 minutes and then return to the dugout.  15 minutes before the game, the home team will occupy the field for 10 minutes and then return to the dugout.  5 minutes before the game, both teams will be in their dugouts while managers and coaches meet the umpire at home plate to exchange game line-ups and to discuss any special game details (weather, field conditions, etc.).  In the Tee Ball and Mini Minor Divisions, 30 minutes prior to the game, the visiting team will use the infield, while the home team uses the outfield. 15 minutes prior to the game, the home team will have the infield and the visiting team the outfield.

First Aid Kit and Phones: A first aid kit is available at the Layritz Concession.  A telephone is also located at the Concession.

Player Absences or Late Attendance: players at all division levels, who must be absent from a game, shall notify their manager or coach prior to the game.  Players who are late for game warm-up, or for the game start, may miss their roster position and their turn in the starting line-up.

Shortage of Players: No game will be forfeited because of a shortage of players (i.e. less than 9) and only Tee Ball and Mini-Minor divisions may play with less than nine.  When short a player(s), teams may borrow players as noted below.  Borrowed players may only play in the outfield and will be placed at the bottom of the batting order. If not needed for the whole game, the player(s) shall be scheduled to start in the top of the fourth inning.
Minor League Baseball and Softball will borrow either from the opposition, or from other Minor or Rookie Minor League players in the park. Borrowed players must wear their own team uniform.  Minor teams may only borrow to bring team strength to 9 players. Borrowed players will bat last and may not pitch.
Major Baseball & Softball may borrow from Minor League Baseball or Softball. Major teams may borrow to bring team strength to 10 players. Borrowed players will bat last and may not pitch. In the event a team is losing a player on a permanent basis, see the Director of the Division.
Junior Softball may borrow 12 year old players from Major Softball subject to the relevant conditions as noted in Major Baseball and Softball.
Senior Softball teams may borrow 14 year old players from the Junior Softball Division relevant to these same conditions.

Dugouts: Only players, managers, and coaches on the team roster, will be allowed in the dugout and on the field.  Injured players are not allowed on the diamond for any purpose but may sit on the bench if they wear their uniform. Managers and Coaches will request “time” and must receive permission of the umpire before leaving the dugout (Minor League and above).
No Food in Dugouts: No food will be consumed in the dugout.  The only beverage allowed is water.  The Concession is out of bounds during games. Players must not leave the dugout except with the Umpire’s permission.  No smoking will be allowed in the dugout or on the diamonds.

Electronic devices are not permitted in the Dugouts.  Electronic devices include cellular phones, pagers, and walkie talkies.

Park & Concession Duties: Layritz Park operates primarily with volunteer help. It is the means by which most of the work of running the league is accomplished and it is parent volunteers who do this work. Each parent/guardian is required to contribute one shift to work in the concession per child.  So when you are approached to assist in the concession or with some other duty, please try to make the time available.  If you fail to show at your agreed upon time, it will mean some other parent will have to pick up the slack.

Fair Play Aggreement: Players
I will show respect toward my opponents, the coaches, games umpires, and other officials.  I will respect decision and show respect for others. If I have a complaint I will share it with my manager or coach or with my parents. I will do my best to be a true team player and I will assist other players to fully enjoy the game. I will remember that winning games or scoring runs isn’t everything. It is also important to make friends and have fun while working hard to improve my baseball or softball skills. I will cheer the good play and performance of all players, not just my own team. After each game I will join with my teammates  and coaches in recognizing the players and coaches of the opposing team and the game officials. I will do this through the use of respectful words and actions.  I will always share with my parents my feelings about being part of a team and playing ball.

Fair Play Aggreement: Parents
I will encourage, not by force, my children to play in sports and I will remember that they, first of all, play for their enjoyment. I will encourage my children to play by the rules and in the spirit of the game and I will encourage them to resolve conflict without resorting to hostility or violence. I will teach my children that learning to play the game and doing one’s best is more important than winning a game. I will be present as often as possible to encourage my children and I will also encourage them to share with me (us) their feelings about playing ball and being part of a team. I will never ridicule or yell at my children for making a mistake and I will support all efforts to remove verbal and physical abuse from children’s sporting activities.  I will remember that children learn best by example, I will applaud the play and performance of both teams. I will never question in a public manner the judgement or honesty of a manager, coach or game official.  I will speak privately with the person or will take my complaint to the appropriate league representative.  I will respect and show appreciation for the volunteer coaches and managers who give their time to provide sports activities for my child.