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Major League Softball Rules

Players are selected through a draft process similar to that of Major League Baseball.  The significant difference from Major Baseball is that all players who have reached age 11 or 12 (by July 31) who wish to play softball must join the Major Softball program.  This year 10-year-olds might not have the option of playing in the Major Division because of low registration.  This season Layritz Little League will be interlocking with all the other Little League Softball Parks in Victoria.

Tryouts and Draft:  Ball players who are 11 or 12 (by July 31) must tryout in order to be placed on the draft list.  Once the draft list is fixed, all players 11 and 12 years of age will be selected to a team.  Players who are aged 10, may be called up (see also “borrowing” in the general ground rules section) to play in a major softball team’s game, if needed.

Rules: Major League Softball Rules are contained in the Little League Softball Official Regulations and Playing Rules manual.  In addition to the general ground rules for all divisions, the following also apply to Major Softball.

Inning Length: the offensive team will continue at bat until one of the following occurs:
a) they have three outs or
b) if they are tied or leading in the score when they come to bat, they may score three additional runs, or
c) if they are trailing in the score when they come to bat, they may catch up and score three additional runs except.
d) if the game goes six innings, the sixth inning is an open inning.  If the game does not go six innings, no other inning may be declared an open inning.
e) “Completed Game” the same as Major Baseball.
In Major Softball the rules for Playing Time, Batter Warm-up and Comments are the same as Major Baseball.