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Game Cancellation Policy


In the event that ANY type of game need to be cancelled the following steps MUST be taken: 1. Both Managers of the teams involved have to agree that there is in fact valid reasoning for cancellation. 2. This decision is then communicated to their Divisional Director for its final approval. If the Divisional Director is not able to be contacted or is not present then the attending Layritz Park Supervisor will act accordingly. 3. Upon agreement this decision MUST be immediately conveyed to the Layritz Umpire Scheduler so they can contact the scheduled umpires. 4. If applicable the game cancellation decision may include the umpires (both plate and base) just prior to the start of the game. 5. Any form of rescheduling will be undertaken by the Layritz Scheduler, the Layritz Umpire Scheduler, the Divisional Director, and the applicable managers. NOTE - It will be the responsibility of the individual teams to inform parents and players of the cancellation as soon as possible.