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Book Reviews

Welcome to our book review section. Check out these Books worth considering for your Baseball reading. Most of these books can be found at the Greater Victoria Public Library or ordered by one of the four Chapters affiliated book stores in Victoria.


By Mike Lupica
Published 2007

This fictional Baseball story makes for a good family read or for young/teen readers. It tells the tale of a 12 year old refugee from Cuba who experinces many hardships while pursuing the love of baseball. 

Available for order through or at the GVPL number LUP in teen fiction.

Mark's rating 7/10



A Promise Kept: The Story of the Founding of Little League Baseball

By Carl E. Stotz as told to Kenneth D. Loss
Published: 1992

  This book is a great read telling the story of how Little League, the best known and most widely spread youth baseball league came about.  Starting in 1939, Little League Baseball became a huge success to the players who played and families who passionately watched.  With its unique field size and rules designed to make the game friendly for youngsters, it quickly grew and became the favorite youth sports league of all time.

Available for order through or at the GVPL number 796.35762 STO


Mark’s rating: 7/10


Six Good Innings: How One Small Town Became a Little League Giant

By Mark Kreidler

Published: 2008


Toms River New Jersey drew attention to itself after making it to the Little League World Series 3 times in five years.  A great story about the players, coaches, families, and the effects on the small town.


Available for order through or at the GVPL number 796.35762 KRE


Mark’s rating: 8/10


 Little League, Big Dreams: Inside the Hope, the Hype, and the Glory of the Greatest World Series Ever Played

By: Charles Euchner



 The 2005 World Series was the most dramatic in the 58-year history of Little League. Readers can expect to learn a great deal about the history of Little League and the stories behind many teams. The books tells about the pros and cons of Little League and the many competing leagues of youth baseball. Interesting background on many of the teams including Canada, Curacao, Hawaii, and more.


Available for order through or at the GVPL number 796.35762 EUC


Mark's Rating: 9/10