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Fun Videos

Time Warp TV Show
  S01E13 - Hitting a Ball with a Wooden Bat (06:13 in length - see 01:28 and 04:45)
  Other interesting Time Warp videos (non-baseball related)

Discovery/Science Channel - How It's Made
  Wood Bats
  Aluminum Bats

The Science Channel
  Physics of Baseball Pitching (02:55 - Dec 2006)
  Physics of Baseball Hitting (03:00 - Dec 2006)
  Physics of Baseball Flight (02:30 - Dec 2006)
  Physics of Fielding a Ball (02:30 - Dec 2006)
  Secret Folumas of Baseball (02:35 - Jul 2006)
  Search Sites on term 'Baseball' (Search Results)

ESPN: Sport Science
  Stealing A Base
  Bat Performance
  Hitting a softball
  Little League Comparision to the Pros
  Difficulty in Calling Balls and Strikes

  Baseball Myths Part 1
  Baseball Myths Part 2