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2012 - News 9/10 Provincials

The Layritz 9/10 Baseball team, District 7 Champions, are now competing in the Provincial Championships in North Vancouver.
See the full game schedule for the tournament. STANDINGS NEAR THE BOTTOM.....

Read their news updates here

Game 1Sat 7/14/12 1:30pm - 3:30pm

The team started strong with two runs top of the first inning. Game was closer than incidated with the score only 4-2 after three innings. Early travel in the morning caught up to many players as we made errors as the game progressed.

Game 2Sun 7/15/12 10am - 12pm 
 DISTRICT SEVEN: 4 - DISTRICT THREE: 10     Tough game vs always strong District Three Coquitlam. Thunder and Lightning, along with a rain delay, meant we were at the park for six hours.  A few errors and leaving men in scoring position was the difference. Back to back to back to back hits in the fourth inning closed the score to a defecit of 5-4 but we could not get closer.

Game 3Tue 7/17/12 10am - 12pm

Little Mountain is a very strong team. We played OK but they hit the ball and hit it hard. We had bases loaded in first and second inning( once with no outs as Jaiden Moss, Mikhail Bondoreff, and Tyrus Finch all reached) but could only get two runs. Somewhat close early after strong D from Bruiser ( Bondo) and Cheetah ( Dylan Atwal)

Game 4Wed 7/18/12 5pm - 7pm
DISTRICT SEVEN: 0 - HOST: 10    We needed a win to control our destiny to make the semis. Simply put we came out flat. A nice double play from Mikhail Bondoreff to Finchy to Target for a 5-3-2 DP was the only hi-lite.

Game 5Thu 7/19/12 11am - 1pm
         DISTRICT EIGHT vs. DISTRICT SEVEN: A must win and we are still alive. FINALLY Layritz baseball arrives. Three runs in the first and later an inside-the-park HR from Gabe Crozier paces the offence. Jaden ( Frosty) Snow, Justin(Scooter) Thomas and Finchy combine to pitch well in a 11-1 victory   over Trail.


Thurs 2pm....Coquitlam beats West Vanc:  CHECK!!

Thurs 5pm:...Little Mountain beats Mt Seymour: CHECK!!

Friday 11am...Little Mountain beats Trail: CHECK!!

Game 6Fri 7/20/12 5pm - 7pm
DISTRICT SEVEN vs. DISTRICT FIVE:  A MUST WIN for the boys in green...a win and Layritz is in the semi-finals....lose and go home! An amazing game to witness..........Tyrus Finch starts on the hill and pitches 3K's in 10 pitches top of one. A couple of slight misplays and West Van is up 2-0 after 1 1/2 innings. Gabe "Ruth" with a big RBI cuts the lead in half. Both teams leave men on base and Aiden "Ketchup" Heintz and Mason "Laces" Chamberlain come in on relief to hold them at bay. West Vanc puts two more on the board in the sixth to set the stage for the most dramatic comeback for Layritz in recent memory.Cole "Spitty" Herron, Gabe Crozier and Mason Chamberlain get on base to load the bases. After two K's, cue the comeback at 4-1!!!  Justin "Scooter" Thomas and Jaden "Frosty" Snow walk and Dylan Atwal comes into run as a pinch-runner. Two outs, losing 4-3, and with a 0-2 count, Jaiden "Wheels" Schembri-Moss spanks the ball to Right Centre. Cheetah ties the game and Scooter beats the throw home to give Layritz an improbable comeback, a HUGE win, as well as, propel them to the semi-finals!!! A never say die attitude pays off BIG TIME!

PRIDE does not even begin to describe the feelings the coaches have for the boys!!!


    1PM Saturday..(4th place) Layritz vs (1st place) South Vancouver

 Well, simply put, we left everything on the field the night before and could not re-capture the magic. We got the first out but then the wheels fell off against a very solid South Vanc. team. SV hit well and played tight D en route to a mercy victory. In time, the disappointment of this game will give way to the unbelievable memories of the wins over Beacon Hill and ,of course, the Friday night miracle of the previous evening. For all the coaches and family, the thirteen boys ( Wheels, Gabers, Laces, Tornado, Scooter, Frosty, Mule, Spitty, Reider, Bruiser, Ketchup, Target, and Cheetah) took on us on an unforgettable, sometimes, wild ride and we all THANK YOU!!!