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2020 Little League All-Star Manager Selection

Layritz Little League will be hosting the Little League Canadian Baseball Championships in August 2020 and in preparation we are requesting submissions from all those interested in being considered for this development and Manager position.

Important Dates:

Submissions must be received no later than April 24, 2017 –

The 2020 Little League All-Star Manager will be named the first week of May, 2017

Progress will be monitored by the Layritz Little League Board and formal reviews will take place at the close of the 2018 Season and the close of the 2019 Season.


The Layritz 2020 Little League All Star Manager will be responsible for providing a multi-year development plan that will benefit Layritz Little League as well as provide opportunities for those players who wish to develop a more competitive skill set in pursuit of yearly All-Star tryouts.  It is expected that the 2020 Manager be someone who best represents sportsmanship, cultivates a positive team attitude and understands the public face this position will have for the Layritz Little League community. The 2020 All-Star Manager selection shall be led by the President and the Layritz Little League Board following review of an "All-Star Manager Application".


All managers and coaches who have managed or coached a Little League minor or major baseball division for at least 1 season are eligible to apply as the 2020 Little League All-Star Team Manager.  All applicants must be in good standing with the League.

Candidates for manager/coach will be evaluated by the following criteria in no specific order of importance: 

  • Experience managing/coaching tournaments (e.g. All-Stars), Layritz Little League, and/or outside league teams;
  • Game/rule knowledge and ability to teach fundamentals, positively motivate and bring out the best in every player;
  • Sportsmanship and conduct throughout the season on and off the field;
  • Able to represent Layritz Little League at home and in the community in a positive way;
  • Ability to assess the skill levels of players without bias towards own child or current team players and to assign players to the appropriate positions to field the most competitive team;
  • Ability to communicate positively with players, parents, league and district officials;
  • Commitment to practice and game schedules throughout the district, provincial, national and international levels. If an All-Star Manager/coach replacement needs to occur during tournament season, a replacement manager will be determined by the President and Layritz Little League board from all eligible manager applications.

Interested parties please submit, by email, an outline of your multi-year player development plan as well as a resume of your experience and any special training you may have as it applies to the criteria above.  If you feel you have skills and attributes that have not been mentioned here but should be considered please feel free to include this in your submission.

Submissions must be received no later than April 24, 2017 –