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Layritz Catchment Area in Google Maps

View Layritz Baseball/Softball Catchment Area in a larger map
Note: the map above is only an interpretation of the Little League registered description below.  The wording is the AUTHORITATIVE description.

Written Description: From the District 7 Boundaries Agreement - 2011
Signed March 13, 2011 by Layritz, Lakehill, National, Beacon Hill, Central Saanich, Hampton, and the District 7 Administrator

Layritz's New Boundary 2011

  • The Northern boundary starts in Tod Inlet, and follows the Saanich / Central Saanich municipal boundary to the waters of Cordova Bay.
  • Re-starting from the waterfront in Cordova Bay, West along a line drawn North of Cordova Bay Road to the Royal Oak Drive and Blenkinsop Road intersection.
  • Then West along a line drawn to the North of Royal Oak Drive to the Pat Bay Highway intersection.
  • Then South along a line drawn to the East of the Pat Bay Highway and West of Douglas Street to level with Agnes Street.
  • Then West along a line drawn North of Agnes Street to Broadway Avenue, including all houses on Broadway Avenue numbered 506 and above, to Carey Road, including all houses on Carey Road numbered 4080 and above.
  • Then South-West along a line drawn North-West of Marigold Road to Burnside Road W.
  • Then West along a line drawn North of Burnside Road to Grange Road.
  • Then South along a line drawn West of Grange Road to the Trans Canada Highway.
  • Then West along a line drawn North of the Trans Canada Highway continuing North towards up island.

And for further clarification from the same document...

Hampton's New Boundary 2011

Commencing at the waterfront at the foot of Garbally road, draw a line through the Victoria Harbour to the west of the start of the Point Ellice Bridge on Bay St. and continuing southwest through the Victoria Harbour draw a line to the west of the start of the Johnson St. Bridge at Esquimalt Road and then continue through the Victoria Harbour traveling south west around the mainland and then north up the island.  At the Burnside Road -- Trans Canada Highway intersection going west all areas on the southwest side of the Trans Canada Highway and then at Goldstream all the west side travelling up the island.  At Grange Road going east along both sides of Burnside Road to Marigold Road, then northeast along both sides of Marigold Road to Carey road, then southeast along both sides of Carey road, including houses numbered 4079 or lower to Broadway Ave.  All houses on Broadway Ave number 505 or lower to Agnes Street, including both sides of Agnes St. to Douglas St.  Drawing a line southeast to the west of Douglas Street to Blanshard Street, and drawing a line west of Blanshard Street to Saanich Road and then along a line drawn north of Garbally Road to the waters at the foot of Garbally Road to the starting point.

NOTE: Girls aged 8-16 (born 1996-2004) from both Layritz AND Central Saanich catchment area are eligible to register for Softball with Layritz Little League. 

District 7 has a Boundary Search feature with this disclaimer:

IMPORTANT NOTE: THESE MAY NOT BE 100% ACCURATE If you are located on a fringe area that borders on another league, please check with the league registrar or president for confirmation.

http://www.findmyleague.com/ - Public Facing Unofficial Boundry Tool