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Board Roles Explained

WORK IN PROGRESS... (2013-10-07) -- Need to majorly be updated to reflect the NEW board structure passed Nov 2016.

This page will detail each of the Board positions and what each of their roles and responsibilities are.

In the mean time, please email volunteers@layritz.ca to ask any questions or anyone on our Board http://www.layritz.ca/Board.

President Description text to go here....
VP Baseball (& Major BB) -
VP Softball (& Major SB) -
Secretary -
Treasurer -
Player Agent (Registrar) -


Minor Baseball -
Rookie Minor Baseball -
Mini Minor Baseball -
Junior Softball -
Minor Softball -
Tee Ball -
Blast Ball -
Umpire in Chief -
Sponsorships -
Uniforms -
Safety -
Scheduler-Games/Umpires -
Grounds -
Equipment -
Concession -
Webmaster -
At Large1 -
At Large2 -
At Large3 -