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Layritz 2016-2017 Executive Board Members & Contacts

A new board for the 2018 Season was elected at the November 2017 AGM 
(held in a meeting room of Saanich Commonwealth Place).

All Board members at Layritz are volunteers who generously volunteer their time to run the organization.

Name Position eMail Phone

Executive - Voting Board Members

Troy Dunning President    
Joseph Gonyeau VP Baseball (& Major BB)  
Ken Jones VP Softball (& Major SB)  
James Puritch VP Facilities  
Erin Virtanen Secretary  
Steve Haines Treasurer  
Shannon Nakatsu Player Agent (Baseball)  
Kelly Milliken Player Agent (Softball)
Kathy Graham Registrar  
Vacant Executive Officer  

Managers and Coordinators - Non-Voting Members

Ryan Graham Minor Baseball  
Ryan Pollard Mini Minor Baseball  
VACANT Junior/Senior Softball  
VACANT Minor Softball  
VACANT Tee Ball  
Cecilia Dingwell Blast Ball  
Jim Gibson Umpire in Chief  
VACANT Sponsorships and Fundraising  
Rena Pley Uniforms    
Ryan Pollard Safety  
Dave Potter Scheduler (Games)  
VACANT Grounds and Maintenance    
Trevor Virtanen Equipment  
Rose Potter Concession  
Jim Zeeben Media & Communications    
VACANT Volunteer Coordinator

Non-Board Position Contacts

Rena Pley Umpire Scheduler  
Concession Scheduler    
Scott Notenberg Web & eMail Technical    
Auto-Reply General Information Auto-Reply  
WebMaster Photo Submissions  
Scores Game Score Submissions  

This list is accurate as of February 18th, 2018.
Anyone interested in filling in any vacancies or just helping out any of our please contact .