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2017 Mini-Minor Baseball

Last Updated:  2017-04-04 (v1 - Web Revision 0)    Any changes to the schedule will be RED highlighted

All Mini-Minor games will take place on the Layritz Mini-Minor field (D1) unless noted otherwise.

April 2017
   May 2017
   June 2017

Change on Opening Day - the afternoon game starts at 2 PM rather than the normal 1PM start time.




Team 1 - Purple

Farid Zamany/Richard Teves

cannor nurseries

Team 2 - Forest Green

Graham Plumb/Kevin Carter

classsic home improvement

Team 3 - Royal Blue

Shawn McBride/Dave Ruperto/Heather Routly

Houle Electric 

Team 4 - Black

Dan Hamilton/Kailee Haaksma/Jeremy Dolan

 Thrifty Foods

Team 5 - Dark Grey

Grey Showler/Rebecca Paquin/Dave Wight

Berwick house

Team 6 - Kelly Green

Ross Bannister/Chris Lawson/Darren Harbord

sherwood dental 

Team 7 - Red

Tracey Deringer/Stefan Cerovic/Holly Armstrong